Fine quality buttons.


     Our buttons are being handmade in sir B. studio. We do not outsource to third parties at any stage of production. 


     Due to used  materials /  techniques every button is one of its kind. They are not identical [for example: different wood shade or coal pattern in ceramic] but matching each other.

Custom made

     If you are interested in your very own custom made button do not hesitate to contact us. Sir B. is open for your ideas.

       In the XIX century, a certain town in England won its fame as the capital of buttons. The aristocratic elite and some wealthier fashion followers from all over the world arrived here to enhance their knowledge of the buttons' subject, with the author of "The Great Expectations" among them. 
Yes, Charles Dickens himself appeared in Birmingham to write an article about the button industry, as in 1851 buttons' production not only was a craftsmanship, it was also considered a genuine design that one should be writing about. 

      Today, more than 150 years later, this authentic buttons' design lives on. Where? Here, in the Sir B. studio. 
Sir B. is incomparable fabrics matching. Rare in shades, lush in shapes. Exotic mirages. Our handmade buttons amaze by connecting simplicity with offbeat formation. It's the details that give our clothes their unique character. Ease expressing oneself. Improve the style. Give it teeth.

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